Choquequirao 5 days

Choquequirao 5 days

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Choquequirao 5 days

Choquequirao 5 days is perfect in case you want to enjoy more about the nature along the hike with amazing views of the Andes mountains, glacial, flora, and fauna the most important place will be the Inca site of Choquequiaro where you will have plenty of time to explore all around the most important places, even you will have time to meditate and do some offering to the mother nature around the Choquequirao which is considered the sister of Machupicchu and one of the best places ranked by lonely planet.

Considered by many visitors who visited it as the sister of Machu Picchu and sometimes many dares to say it is better than Machu Picchu. The best thing of this archaeological center is not crowded because of the access it is only by walking because there are no railways or roads that can take you to or near the same Choquequirao, which is why access is full trekking, many visitors consider this journey as a pilgrimage, an escape from the routine, a challenge of their own and not being well known, the road is free for the adventurer. where you will have a unique experience.

itinerary of Choquequirao 5 days


Our Choquequirao 5 days adventure starts at 5:30 am and drive in our private transportation to the starting point for 4 hours approx. we will pass through beautiful viewpoints like the glacial of Salkantay Mountain, Tarawasi Inca site then we will pass the Cunyac bridge which in the border of Apurimac and Cusco department finally we will arrive to Capuliyuc where our horsemen’s will be waiting for us here you will give your duffle bags to them and you will have time to get ready to start our adventure to the sister of Machupicchu we will start going down from Capuliyuc for about 3 hours more or less along the way we will stop to absorb the views, the path is gravel, dusty and slippery so you need a good trekking pools and good hiking shoes until we arrive at our first lunch spot called Cocamasana from this area you will have spectacular view to the Apurimac canyon, the river with the same name and the mountains and of course the incredible flora and fauna along the way. After lunch we will continue for one hour more to our first camp called Chikisca it has a lovely location, of course, our tens will be set up ready by our amazing team, end of the day.

  • Beginning spot altitude: Capuliyoc (2915 m 9563 ft.).
  • Walking distance:8 km /4.17 m (4-5 hours depending on your own pace)
  • Campsite altitude: Chikisca (1950 m 6397).
  • Lowest altitude: Chikisca (1950 m 6397 ft.).
  • Considered: easy to moderate day.
  • Weather: warm and windy.


today we will start early in order to avoid the sun so we can hike in the shade because in the sun it is so hot, we will continue going down until we get to the Apurimac River we cross the river then will start the uphill for about 4 hours more or less in a zigzags on the way we will appreciate some sugar cane farms, and of course as soon as we getting higher we will have better view of the Valley now from opposite mountain after 4 hours of climbing finally we will arrive to our lunch spot a small village call Marampata here our team will be waiting for us with a delicious lunch After a good lunch we will continue with our hike to our destination (Choquequirao) if we are lucky we may see condors around here once we get to the summit you will have breathtaking view to the Apurimac canyon then we will get to the lower terraces of Choquequiraro where we will spend our second night, in case you want to see the sunset you can go to the upper section to enjoy it but it takes 40 minutes hike.

Beginning spot altitude: Chikisca (1950 m) (6397 ft.).
Walking distance:(18 km) (11 mi)
Campsite altitude:2900 m) (9514 ft.
Considered: long hike and challenging day


After a great breakfast we will go to explore Choquequirao in this amazing place you have the entire day to explore all around Choquequirao, of course you tour guide will explain you all about this place and about the Incas after you finish exploring we will go back to the camp to enjoy our lunch after lunch you will have a free afternoon so you can go back to the site and keep exploring or just relax and recharge your energy at the Inca site of Choquequirao.

this the advantage of the Choquequirao 5 days

Campsite altitude: 2900 m) (9514 ft.
Lowest altitude: camping site 2900 m) (9514 ft.
Considered: relaxing day.


Choquequirao 5 days gives you a great    relaxing day  on day 3 after we will start with our adventure back the same way all the way to Chikisca so again we will pass by Marampata then we will get to the bottom called playa Rosalinas which the lowest part of our hike and the hottest section after we cross the river we will start climbing for two hours until we get to our camping spot Chikisca where our team will be waiting for us with a nice coca tea and warm water end of day four.

Starting point altitude: 2900 m) (9514 ft.
Walking distance:(18 km)(11 mi)
Campsite altitude: Chikisca (1950 m) (6397 ft.).
Lowest altitude: Playa Rosalinas (1550 m) (5085 ft.)
Considered: long hike mostly downhill.
Weather: warm and a lot of mosquitoesin our 


We will have a wake up call by our team then breakfast following we will say goodbye to Choquequirao and start with our hike the section of our adventure this will take us about four hours to get to Chikisca where we will have our last lunch before we get back to Cusco after lunch we will have small ceremony with our team where we can show our gratitude for their hard work then we will board our bus back to Cusco city and drop you off at your hotel.

end of our Choquequirao 5 days tour

Altitude of the Starting point: Chikisca (1950 m= 6397 ft.).
Walking distance:8 km /4.17 ml.
Lowest altitude:(1950 m= 6397 ft.).
Considered: short hike uphill.

Modality: Adventure, landscape, Cultural and Archaeological.

Departure days: Daily departures.

Period: from March to January.

Travel duration: 5 days

Accommodation: 1 night of lodging.

Group size: Minimum 2 people.

Maximum height: 2,700 mt

Difficulty: Easy


Activities to be carried out




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