explore the Jungle 3 days

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 explore the jungle 3 days

Thinking of visiting Jungle? Peru has a big rainforest where you can see a lot of wildlife not far from our loge you can do tours in the morning or afternoon depending on your interest or time that you want to spend in the jungle.

The three-day Puerto Maldonado tour includes a visit full of experiences to one of the most important attractions of the Amazon.

explore the jungle 3 days itinerary


Upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado we will welcome you at the airport, then we will start our program with a visit around the city on a bus.

Then we will go with direction to Puerto Capitania to board our motorized riverboat and start navigating through Madre de Dios river and submerge into the lovely natural environment if we are lucky we can see Ronsocos, Caymans, Turtles, Heron, Cormorants and many others!

Once you arrived at Ecoamazonia Lodge, we will enjoy our welcome drink, then you will get your bungalows and then we will have lunch together.

After a great lunch, our tour guide will take you to the Cayman Cocha small lake with the abundant presence of specimens of black Cayman (Melanosuchus niger) and Caiman Crocodilus.

Late in the afternoon, you will enjoy the amazing sunset in the Amazon with it intensities color ranges.

After we enjoy this beauty we will go back to our lodge where our dinner will be waiting for us then you will have free time and you can share moments at the bar, equipped with an excellent game room and all the drinks you can! End of the day.


After a good rest in the morning you will have your breakfast then we will start our adventure in the untouched rainforest our tour guide will lead you deep in the jungle with direction to the lost Cocha this place is like a refuge and feeding for a huge variety of animals, here we can see Otters, Caimans, Turtles, Sachavaca (Tapir) multicolored birds, the majestic Jaguar and variety of fish species. This area is unique and proper to Ecoamazonia’s Ecological reserve which maintains it intact, whit huge swamps and diversity (aguajales).

After we will go to the extraordinary observation Deck, from where we can see and appreciate the immense and magical rainforest then we will have an amazing canoe ride around the lake afterward we will go back to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon your tour guide will take you to monkey island, this is a unique place that is just five minutes from the lodge along the hike you will appreciate a wonderful landscape and flora where you will see a variety of monkey species in their natural habitat such as Maquisapas, Capuchins, Small Lion Monkeys, frayles, Cotos and different animals like Coati and Slots as well a great species of birds.

After enjoying and appreciating this beautiful scenery of the island we can enjoy the sunset, with the most impressive dusk in the jungle then back to the lodge and enjoy the dinner end of the day two.


After a restful night, the morning begins with the sound of lovely birdsongs from the Amazon paradise. Then you will have your last lunch before embarking on the return to Puerto Maldonado where ends our explore the Jungle 3 days tour.

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