two of the tree rainbow at Palccoyo

The stunning Palccoyo mountain

Visit the brethren of the Vinicunca mountain, despite being less famous, the Palccoyo mountain is impressive for nature. Also known as The mountain of seven colors, it’s another rainbow mountain from great Peru!

Palccoyo rainbow mountain
the third rainbow mountain at Palccoyo alternative rainbow mountain tour

While appreciating this marvel, you will feel the cold wind blowing in a deliciously silent space. This mountain is 4900 meters above sea level, and the views are amazing.

It’s easy to come to Palccoyo mountain, there are several tour companies offering treks. This is one of the best destinations for eco-tourism, and its culture and history are fascinating.

Not only is the beauty of the mountain itself, but the mountain of the seven colors is the home of several animals and species. The Palccoyo mountain is near the Ausangate snow-capped, you will also appreciate them.

Nature took its take to create this wonder, you can also find rock passages known as the stone forests that originated naturally. The experience can’t compare to anything else, develop your connection to nature and visit the Palccoyo mountain.

In the beautiful mountain range, you will see snowy mountains, beautiful green plains full of llamas, and three mountains that look like a rainbow. What are you waiting for?

How was the Palccoyo mountain originated?

This was the result of an erosion process that took millions of years, now you have the gift to watch it. To be more precise, it’s a process of stratospheric formation, in which the minerals fell one onto each other naturally.

These minerals were moved and rearranged by the movement of the earth and earthquakes. The sedimentary surfaces gave birth to this setting of minerals that look like arranged purposefully.

The rusted minerals adopted several tones of color, which is what we know as the mountain of seven colors of Palccoyo.

The time the mother nature took to create this work of art is unknown, and there are still mysteries about its formation. However, will you waste the gift of visiting the Palccoyo mountain?

Route to go to the Palccoyo mountain

You can go to Palccoyo from Cusco city, and you have to go on bus, in a trip that will take you 3 hours, maybe a little more. You can comfortably visit Palccoyo arranging an expedition with a travel company.

You should check out for the pricing and what they offer, you can find from days’ expeditions to one-day treks for different prices. I would recommend going with a guide in a trek, this will ensure you see beauties apart from the mountain there are on Palccoyo.

Pro tip: Some of them will even offer you free breakfast and launches, and the opportunity to visit the localities of Palccoyo. Remember to take your sweater with you, it may be warm in the day, but you could freeze at night!

How about looking at the red river? Or playing with the snow? There are many attractions apart from the rainbow mountain. Take your wife and children to Palccoyo right now, to have an unforgettable experience.